Coming up:

A Nice Day Out: A short new piece for singer and orchestra in an exciting programme of lots of short pieces for updated orchestra. Tickets here.

Catalogue d'Émojis: a new show for performers Paul Norman and me as well as  Cobalt piano duo coming to the LAB in the Conservatoire on 26 May 2018. Tickets here.

There are more of them than us: A Queer Concerto for 9 Saxophones and Orchestra, performed by Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and conducted by Sir Barry Wordsworth on 29 June 2018. Tickets here

Gisela doesn't care

A new piano duet for Cobalt (Fumiko Miyachi and Kate Halsall). Watch the video.

Hamburger Suite

The music for my recent dance collaboration, Hamburger Suite (based on the city, not the sandwich), just got funding (thank you, PRS) to be recorded in spring 2018.


Paul Norman and I performed Lucy Harvey's "Sorgen" as part of FLUID Festival of Queer Music in September 2017. There is a little trailer here.


My REQUIEM (bass clarinet version) is out and can be purchased here.


My CDs and digital downloads are available on bandcamp and BirminghamRecordCompany

Danserye: music for the dance piece by Sebastian Matthias

Kathryn und Peter durchqueren die Antarktis: my collected music for recorders and ensemble

My collected music for TV

New Guide to Opera's three radio plays

Kathryn und Peter durchqueren die Antarktis

Mit offenem Mund

Sing, Sing!

Ava’s Wedding

Go to the Ava’s Wedding website HERE

My recent full-length opera with a libretto by Alexandra Taylor was performed by Birmingham Conservatoire in February 2015 at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. The full HD video (with subtitles) made by the brilliant Oliver Clark is available to watch here.

Birmingham Record Company

Our website is LIVE. You can get up to date info on new releases, what's coming up etc on BirminghamRecordCompany.


I was born in 1971 in Mönchengladbach and grew up in Niederkrüchten, a small German village on the Dutch border. After working as a care worker in a children's home and a runner at several theatres in Germany and England I studied Applied Theatre Studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany and Composition with Patric Standford and Christopher Fox in Huddersfield (BA, MA) and with Vic Hoyland in Birmingham (PhD).

My works have been performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the ISCM World Music Days in Manchester (with Isobel Bowler), Spitalfields Festival (with Isobel Bowler), the Barbican Centre, Birmingham Symphony Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Tate Liverpool and various other concert halls, festivals, supermarkets, art galleries, shoe shops, theatres, banks, opera houses, in cafes, on beaches, in cinemas, on the radio, on TV; in the UK, Germany, lots of other European places, in Russia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

I work in close relationship with the German theatre artist Marcus Droß and I’m a founding member of the artists’ collective New Guide to Opera.

Since 2009 I have been Deputy Head of Composition at Birmingham Conservatoire.

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